When I think of the things in life that are my passions it goes hand in hand with knowing me.

The one person you have the greatest power over is your future self. – Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone’s quote above is about accepting the past and in doing so prepping for your bright future. So, I feel that understanding and acceptance of yourself is the greatest way to finding your passion.

But in doing so, you will have a bump or two along the way. You can call it failure or a learning experience. I like to consider those ‘bumps’ in the road life lessons. The road to fulfillment of your passion will be filled with ups and downs.

Now, years ago, my Mom told me that ‘there are some mistakes in life you do not have to make’. She was correct; there are many mistakes that I did not make because she gave me that bit of wisdom. Mom did not tell me I would never make any mistakes. It is about acknowledging them and learning; then moving on and in doing so you can keep momentum towards your goals or passion.

There are some lessons you do not know in the moment you are learning… the road to success is filled with bumps in the road or lessons. Hindsight is 20/20! Let hindsight help you and Get up and dust yourself off and adjust your path necessary to keep you on the way to your desired passion or destination.

Even if your passion is in life’s everyday activities or building a career we are going to learn lesson’s along the way. It is better to acknowledge the bumps and enrich you life. Because you cannot adjust your path without acknowledgment.